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ARWIMONT was founded in 1950. From the beginning we produce different fittings for the needs of Milk Industry . In the past we have provided repair and assembly services mainly for the Milk companies. Number of significant changes were made in ARWIMONT .
In 1990 our cooperative structure was in place.
We decided to spread our activity for the other industries, as : Food & Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical and Chemical one.


From the very beginning the guiding principles and objectives of ARWIMONT company have been RESEARCH, QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Fifty years later the same principles and commitments to even the smallest details in every aspect of our operation, make the company ARWIMONT European renowned supplier of very high quality butterfly valve discs.


Company ARWIMONT from 1976 produces forged butterfly valve discs.
We have many years experience in export to the leading European stainless steel producers. First delivery of forged discs was made to Germany in 1988.


Continuous improvement of our products has found recognition on international markets.
Today ARWIMONT is one of the main discs suppliers for foremost companies in Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, China, India and USA.


Quality assurance system was implemented in 2001 on the base of European norm PN-EN ISO 9002:1996 and today EN ISO 9001:2008 for production and sale of butterfly valve discs and stainless steel products.

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